Our shrink wrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems. We also offer Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that keeps moisture from forming on metal and electrical circuits. .



Shrink Wrap is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering creating a tight, seamless shrink wrap cover


Elements Mobil Shrinkwrapping, LLC is a specialist when it comes to shrink wrapping freight 
and storage.  We provide a versatile, cost-effective protective solution that helps ensure equipment stays clean and damage-free. 

EMS provides essential protection to valuable machinery. Our shrink wrap is custom fitted to
cover an entire flatbed load of machinery.


Because shrink wrap is opaque and not easily accessible it serves as an excellent pilerage deterrent for shipping and storage



Shrink wrap for interior protection is ideal for remodeling offices, warehouses and facilities 
to protect your employees from the dust and debris and keep them working in a healthy 
environment. Weather protection on your job site can be the difference between being on schedule or over budget. Cold weather, snow, rain, and wind can create challenges and delays beyond your 
control. ​

With Elements Mobile Shrinkwrapping weather protection solutions you can pour concrete in the dead of winter, fire proof in windy conditions. Call EMS and let us design your shrink wrap containment. Shrink wrap building enclosures keep the dust in, the elements out and the trades working.  In this economy many projects have been put on hold, waiting for funding. EMS can shrink wrap your investment and protect the existing work.





Shrink Wrap has a rated strength of 300 lbs. per square foot.

Sorry for any issue this may cause. EMS is in the process of closing the doors to the company and want to thank everyone for their support. 



 Easy access
NO surface   damage

Shrink wrap has considerable advantages over tarps, construction plastic sheeting and other types of covers that can move and chafe painted surfaces when covering items being transported or stored. Our application provides tight secure covering to any product eliminating the worry of damage to your items.

Using your everyday blue tarp doesn’t allow for quick and easy access to your item while keeping it covered. We offer zipper access doors for entry into the covers without cutting or removing the shrink wrap.

Shrink wrap protects against all weather damage; it is waterproof and can be sealed around 
entire units to eliminate any weather related losses including rain, snow, wind, sun.

NO surface   damage



mobile shrinkwrapping, llc

Shrink wrap can be used to wrap buildings. It can wrap roofs after hurricanes, earthquakes, 
tornadoes and other disasters. Shrink wrap can be used for environmental containments to 
facilitate safe removal of asbestos, lead and other hazards.

Shrink wrap is also commonly used within more industrial applications using a heavier weight
shrink film. Such as, industrial shrink wrap containment of large plant equipment/components, 
scaffold wrap containment of buildings/bridges, building temporary shrink wrap structures for 
storage or other business operational uses, marine shrink wrapping of boats and other vehicles, 
shrink wrapping of palletized freight and disaster contingency and relief projects such as 
damaged buildings/roofs.


The Elements Mobile Shrinkwrapping (EMS) team can create a weather proof enclosure for 
your project. Shrink wrapping a steel structure can enable you to efficiently and cost effectively
heat a job site so the trades can continue to work. You can pour concrete in the dead of winter 
and stay on schedule.  Our temporary containment allow natural light in and produce an airtight barrier which will help to protect the interior of your job site being subjected to external 
components.  ​

This is the perfect solution for builders requiring Dust Control and Health and 
Safety Plans. EMS’s process provides a drum tight fit for your containment needs guaranteed 
EMS shrink wrap containment provides your job site privacy in order to complete your project 
and protect it from public viewing. Shrink wrap protection can also discourage theft and vandalism.


Elements Mobil Shrinkwrapping, LLC  works with law enforcement, engineers, forensic investigation companies, as well as insurance companies to protect and preserve evidence. EMS will come to your location to wrap evidence for it to be transported and stored at a secure holding facility during ongoing investigations. A video of the preservation process is included with each evidence preservation wrap.